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Waterproofing Systems

Experts in waterproofing systems and industrial insultation.
We work on balconies, terraces, roofs, green roofs and parking lots.

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We have the expertise to solve all the necessities of remodeling and adaptation of any space. Starting from preliminary stages, construction of walls and ceilings, hydro sanitary and electrical installations, ceramic coverings, texturized finishes, among others.

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Light Construction Systems

We handle a sufficiently extensive range of products and services, the most common are: drywall walls and ceilings, suspended ceiling, light facades, EIFS insultation system, among others.

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Coatings & Paint

Professional application of architectural paint with certified man power in industrial, institutional, commercial and residential projects. We have an extensive experience with millions of square meters of paint and coatings applied.

-Acrylic Paint
-Certified LEED Paint
-Enamel Paint
-Epoxy – High performance floor coating are essential in commercial and industrial projects that endure traffic and high-wear areas.

-Traffic Signal Paint – With precision, control, quality and safety control, professional traffic markings are applied with quality traffic paint.
-Floor Coatings – These coating maintain the structural integrity & appearance, extending the floors life cycle with – reducing costs over time with proper maintenance.

-Sealants – Serves as a barrier to prevent external agents from penetrating the surface.

We carry out this construction services in interiors and exteriors for numerous clients and industries in different parts of the country.


We use only the highest-quality coatings available.

“We trust them, they trust us.

“We trust them, they trust us.