30 years of experience developing and optimizing memorable spaces.

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Who we are?

For more than three decades, ERSSA has been responsibly committed to transforming, developing and optimizing spaces. ERSSA was founded as a construction service provider within the architectural finishing industry. Our services include all the finishes that follow the completion of civil works, both interior and exterior, executed by specialized personnel. With more than 900 projects carried out, which support us to establish ourselves as leaders among our competitors.

At ERSSA we are committed to continually differentiate ourselves and increase our experience with cutting-edge projects. ERSSA will always operate at the highest level of safety, quality and profitability, to ensure that we continue to be the most attractive option for our clients, employees and partners.

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Core Values

Responsability – Innovation – Creativity – Quality – Integrity

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At ERSSA we seek to do our part to protect the environment, which is why we have ecological services in industrial, commercial and residential maintenance.